How to Choose The Right Construction Labor

Everyone desires to own a dream house. If you are one of those who are planning to build or renovate a house, construction labor is one of the key elements that are often overlooked. On Thursday, 22nd April 2021, Mukura hosted an Instagram Live Session featuring Kane Kusnadi, Founder of Noah Builder, and Kevin Yugen, Founder of Segitiga Studio and discussed the importance of construction labor to make sure that you can build a dream house on budget.

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Let’s dive in and learn from the experts what to watch out to build your dream house with the right construction labor.



    You need to know what you want and how your dream house will look like. What style of architecture, where you want to build your house, and what kind of theme you want to have. From here, you’d be able to decide the kind of construction labor you need.


    Estimate the budget you need for your renovation. Budget plan is extremely important to prevent you from over spending on certain area and having to cut your cost on areas that you don’t plan to. Creating a budget plan also helps you think through your construction timeline. This way, you know when each activity needs to be completed and save budget!


    This is indeed the gist of our discussion. Should you choose to engage construction labor directly? When do you need to hire consultant or contractor?

There are different types of construction labors focusing on different kinds of jobs. Some focus on installing furniture, some others focus on electricity panel. To make sure that your house is construted properly, you need to engage the right labor for the right job scope. For example, when installing Mukura breezeblocks, we advise you to engage marble or natural stone construction worker. Installation is as important as the quality of the materials and this becomes especially important when you are installing fine ceramic granite products like Mukura.

Consultants and contractors are also essential. They do not just help you plan your construction, but also monitor the quality of the construction. Engaging the right contractor can save you budget because they can prevent you from spending unnecessary cost that comes from inefficiency (from material usage or construction timeline).

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