Mukura Ceramics Breezeblock Custom

Happy days for all of us! Mukura Ceramics is now serving for Ceramics Breezeblock Customization for their beloved clients. 

Mukura Ceramics knows that the tastes of their clients are very important. Each of the clients surely has their own tastes and uniqueness. That’s why Mukura Ceramics, as one of building’s decoration companies, provides the ceramics breezeblock customization with pleasure. This service is surely intended to serve the unique tastes of the clients, whether they want it to be used for their houses or their other buildings. 


There are several services for the Ceramics Breezeblock Customization, which are:


  • Shape Customization for Breezeblock

Allowing the clients to customize their own creations or choices of the Breezeblock. 

Mukura’s Breezeblock Custom Design (given by Tesate Restaurant Client)


Mukura’s Breezeblock Custom – Tesate Restaurant Kemang

1. The clients can send their own sketches using AutoCAD, Sketchup, or hand drawings of the Breezeblock design to Mukura Ceramics. The process of the Breezeblock creation will be made from scratch where Mukura will do the prototyping process and give the prototype example (uncolored) to be fitted with the clients’ tastes and orders. After the clients have agreed with the prototype, they can directly pay off their orders and Mukura Ceramics will take care of the finishing process, the total orders, as well as the packaging. 


2. The clients who already love Mukura’s product but still want deleted or additional features on it are also eligible for the customization. For example: the Victorial design’s model with customized missing details. It will also give the prototype to the clients and fitted before eventually going for the finishing process. 


For each of the custom services above, there is a minimum value of 250 pcs or for the width of 10 sqm (m2). Then, the clients will also have to pay the down payment as the deal to do the prototyping process of the given Breezeblocks design. 


  • Color Customization for Breezeblock

The other service is allowing the clients to choose their favorite colors for the Mukura Ceramics Breezeblock. This one is more simple. The clients can give the “Swatch” or “Color Palette” of the desired colors. But if there are other stuff’ desired colors, for example: the window’s color, then the clients can give the sample of the window’s color for Mukura lab testing so it can get the most similar color. If not possible, the clients can give the desired color range Pantone. The clients then can choose the colors, and the given shapes of the Mukura Ceramics Breezeblock. 


The color customization service is simpler and does not need a prototyping process. The minimum values to go with this service is still the same, which is the width of 10 sqm (m2) or approximately 250 pcs. 



This Breezeblock Custom service is very unique. To be honest, we all want to build our houses or buildings fitted with our tastes and style. With this service, Mukura Ceramics indeed can help us to realize our desired building’s decoration.