Minimalist Prayer Room Ideas: Your Best Cozy Place

Things You Must Apply to Your Minimalist Muslim Prayer Room

For Muslims, minimalist prayer room or musalla is the most important thing cause performing the 5 daily prayers is a must that has been set by Allah SWT. And to do this activity, we must have a comfortable place to do worship seriously. Therefore, it is necessary to have a prayer room in every house to perform these services.

One of the ideas to make your small prayer room beautiful and aesthetic is to make it with a minimalist design. Because usually in every house there is only a small prayer room for worship, so this design is a beautiful design to apply to your prayer room.

Before you buy every item needed to decorate your room, you need to know and apply it to the minimalist design of your prayer room, which are


  1. Arrange Your Colors!

Because color also affects your minimalist design, you should arrange the colors that you will use based on the color palette you want. Usually minimalist designs use neutral colors, such as cream, white, gray, brown. But it is possible for you to use bold colors such as navy, black, olive, and others. You just need to arrange the colors so that in one small room there is neither too much nor too little color. Balance is the key!

Musalla with a pink color theme

This pink minimalist musalla is both aesthetic and romantic (Source: Pinterest)


  1. Build with Creativity

To build your own creativity, you can start by decorating your own prayer room. By using the method, add some decorations if the decoration is a small item. For example calligraphy on the wall. And only one decoration if the decoration is big. You can also add a small decoration if there is a room that looks empty on one side. For example, you can provide bookshelves for the Qur’an and other Muslim books.

Musholla with indirect lighting and warm color

The warm color combined with indirect lighting of this musalla screams comfy (Source: Pinterest)


  1. Complete Without being Redundant

Because worship to Allah SWT must be done completely, then in a prayer room at home there are also all the worship equipment that will be used. By using a minimalist design, it means that the equipment is not exaggerated. Put what you want to use, and put something else that doesn’t need to be used. As Marie Kondo said, the master of cleaning, said in her book entitled ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, “You only need to clean your house once, and you would never do it again”. and the meaning of the sentence is to select and sort the necessary and unneeded items.


  1. Comfort is Necessary!

Performing the 5 daily prayers plus reading the Qur’an and other worship takes a long time. For that we need a comfortable place so that we can linger in this place of worship. You can add ornamental plants if that is needed in your minimalist design. Make it a comfortable place to hang out so you can linger in the place of worship.

Cozy musalla with mini potted plants

Adding mini plants in mini pots won’t hurt! (Source: Pinterest)


  1. Minimalism Means Composed with Harmony

Starting from colors, equipment, to decorations, they must be neatly arranged so that a harmonious minimalist design can occur. And voila! Your prayer room is beautiful and minimalist in harmony.