How to Plan Your Kitchen Makeover with Mukura Breezeblock

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, Mukura Ceramics held an IG Live Mukura Sharing session discussing kitchen makeover with two subject matter experts in the world of interior design, Henrietta Danubrata and Cindy Suryadinata, co-founders of the Blanc Space, an interior design company based in Jakarta. This event is a part of series of Mukura events during this Ramadhan. Mukura is a breezeblock manufacturer based in Indonesia.

Invitation for Mukura Breezeblock IG Live Event How To Plan Your Kitchen Makeover

Source: Mukura Ceramics

The discussion covered the initial process of designing and remodeling kitchen. The first thing to consider is the function of the kitchen. How will you use the kitchen for? Will it be used for heavy cooking and baking or simply reheating food? Secondly, it is important to understand your kitchen storage needs before starting renovation so the kitchen space can be optimized and the initial design undergoes minimal change during the execution. Thirdly, you must also think about your budget. Limited budget does not necessarily mean bad design, we could always overcome that by using alternative materials that were more affordable such as HPL. The Blanc Space has a client-centered principle in their services so that they ensure that the kitchen they design can be comfortably used by its users. The Blanc Space advises the audience to search for examples of their dream kitchen via Pinterest and Instagram as the first start.


During the Q&A session, the Blanc Space also expressed the importance of air circulation in the kitchen. Smoke from cooking trapped in the kitchen space makes the kitchen dirty and obviously uncomfortable for the homeowners. Therefore, they enjoy using ceramic granite breezeblocks from Mukura. They like Mukura breezeblocks because Mukura thinks about the design fit and proven to have superior quality. Mukura has a variety of products that can capture different kinds of architecture and most importantly, thinks about installation. The side edges of the breezeblocks were curved in to provide space for installation media to allow minimal grout.


Do you also enjoy listening to our IG Live Mukura Berbagi session? We hope the session provides useful insights for kitchen owners.

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