The Natural and Simplistic Scandinavian Home

Synonimous to simple, elegant, and naturalistic, Scandinavian home architecture has recently become more popular. This architecture originates from the Scandinavian countries in Europe. These countries have long winters. In addition, this architecture also uses natural materials that are often found there. For example, wood logs, a material that is always present in Scandinavian-styled houses. Here are the essential elements of Scandinavian architecture and interior design.


Natural elements

This architecture and interior tends to use natural materials. For example, pine wood. Scandinavian house floors are generally made of wood. In addition to being aesthetic and giving a natural impression, wooden floors are great heat insulators. So, it won’t be too cold during the winter. In addition, the furniture is also made of wood. Aside from that, this style also combines natural elements in the house. That is why Scandinavian houses often use plants in small pots or have small gardens.


Neutral colors

Scandinavian houses usually have simple colors. The commonly used colors are white, gray, and other bright and warm colors. The color tends to be monochromatic, using only 2 colors. Bright colors make the room brighter and look wider.


Scandinavian house with wide windows overlooking the lake

Scandinavian homes use wide glass windows to maximize natural light (Source:


Natural light

The light-colored room is completed with large glass windows. It’s to allow the room to get as much natural light from the sun as possible. Because during the winter, there is very little sunlight. So, the lights from the glass walls will still illuminate the room. In addition, Scandinavian houses also use glass roofs and open areas.


Simple and minimalist

The essence of the Scandinavian style is simple and functional. This style prioritizes function, so there are not many decorative objects. The furnitures also have straight lines and minimalist shapes. Storage areas such as shelves and drawers are not on the floor, but mounted on the wall.


Scandinavian-styled house with multiple floors

Open spaces and natural materials are the essence of Scandinavian style (Source:



Lastly, Scandinavian architecture prioritizes the comfort of its residents. Because most Scandinavians spend the winter indoors. Thus, the furniture and decorations are natural in color. The colors are natural and warm. The design is not superfluous. The residents won’t feel tired if they have to spend hours being inside.