Inner Courtyard in a Small Japandi House

This narrow land in the middle of Jakarta has been transformed into a Japandi-style home with an inner courtyard, which gives openness and freshness into the tiny home


This is the story of Q House, a Japandi home with an inner courtyard. Dominated by white tones, the house is accentuated with green elements as well as wood and plants.

One of the challenges of a small plot is to avoid making the house feel cramped. That’s why this house features a skylight. Besides brightening up the rooms to create a spacious feel, natural sunlight also helps save electricity during the day.


Inner courtyard with breezeblock partition

Near the kitchen area, there is an inner courtyard with a design that incorporates various Japandi elements. First, the floor is made of wooden decking tiles for easy cleaning. Second, there are white stones on its sides. Finally, several plants are added to create a green and fresh ambience. This inner courtyard is perfect for relaxation, complete with a small table and chairs.

There is also a breezeblocks partition. The purpose is to allow natural light to enter the house while facilitating air circulation. The breezeblocks used are Mukura granite breezeblock Kinn, featuring a minimalist pattern and white color. Why granite breezeblocks? The glossy glaze finish gives an elegant impression, even in a small space. Additionally, this glaze protects the breeze block from moss and dust.

Granite breezeblock is perfect for interiors. Unlike brick or concrete breeze blocks, its smooth surface and zero pores do not retain dust. Moreover, it is hygienic, posing no threat to health.


Breezeblock balcony

Moving to the upper floor, there is a balcony behind glass doors offering views of surrounding houses and buildings. The glass doors and windows create a sense of spaciousness and openness, allowing us to gaze at the sky even with them closed. The balcony area is also very cozy, complete with wooden decking tiles and various plants.

The balcony design also incorporates Kinn breezeblock as decoration. Isn’t it a waste to use granite breezeblocks outdoors? The answer is, of course not. Granite breezeblock is highly suitable for outdoor use due to its weather-resistant glaze layer. Its non-porous surface prevents moss and fungi growth. Additionally, the glaze quality remains unaffected by continuous exposure to sunlight and rain. Cleaning is also easy – just a simple water rinse, practical and durable.


Watch the Q House video on YouTube!