5 Tips for Productive Home Office

During this pandemic, many of us are forced to work from home. The need for a work space is higher than ever. Sometimes, the home atmosphere is not conducive, making it harder to be productive. A dark or cramped room can decrease our motivation level. Here are some tips from Mukura on improving your home office to make you more productive!


Plenty of light

Home office with a good natural lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating a productive home office (Source: piqsels.com)

Sunlight is very important to us. There are many benefits, namely killing germs and bacteria and helping us see clearly. In addition, when the room is illuminated by sunlight, our bodies will feel the atmosphere of the morning and afternoon. Thus, it’s easier to be productive and avoid drowsiness in a night-like atmosphere.


Thematic and suitable colors that makes you comfortable

Color is the second important thing. A room with too many contrasting colors makes it easy to feel tired. On the other hand, a room with a suitable color theme makes us comfortable. Avoid using too many colors. However, you can add a bright color or two to make the atmosphere more cheerful.


Work-life balance

Perhaps this is the toughest challenge of working from home, which is separating work and personal life. You can determine the part of the house that is large enough and then provide a partition to separate the workplace from the rest of the house. So, your body will automatically adjust productivity as it passes through the partition and enters the work area. On the other hand, during breaks, leave the home office to relax for a while.



Working at home means keeping documents at home too. So, provide shelves or cabinets in the home office to store documents and other office items. Documents piled up on the desk create a messy and lazy atmosphere. Thus, it will be more difficult to concentrate.


Fresh air

Last but not least, make sure the home office has good ventilation. Oxygen has a very strong influence on our productivity. Because, lack of oxygen will reduce brain performance, so thinking becomes difficult. In addition, lack of oxygen makes us yawn frequently, which can be misunderstood as drowsiness. You can open windows, use air conditioning or fans, or use a ventilation. One of the best ventilation is with a ceramic granite breezeblock. In addition to maximizing air circulation, installing breezeblocks on high areas make the ventilation better. The motifs and colors are also beautiful, so they also add aesthetics to your room. Finally, ceramic granite breezeblock ventilation also saves energy from reducing the use of air conditioning.

Granite breezeblock Roster Kawung as a home office ventilation

To ensure good air circulation in your home office, use granite breezeblock as a ventilation