Roster Kawung in White

The Idea

Kawung is part of Mukura 2017 Designers’ Collection specially designed by Zenin Adrian. Kawung, like how its name suggests, was inspired by Indonesian heritage batik pattern. Kawung Rooster brings back a traditional motif to a modern stage. Kawung is a patented model under Intellectual Property Directorate General of Indonesia jointly between Zenin Adrian and Mukura. 

Product Description
Color : White
Size : 20 x 20 cm
Shape : Square
Material : Ceramic
How To Care

Mukura rooster is robust and protected with a layer of glaze customized just for our consumers. A gentle wipe with wet cloth will remove all the dirts. 

Interior Combination

Kawung can be applied in any space – both exterior and interior. It also functions as rainscreen.

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