Mudroom, a Ditry Multifunctional Room

The word ‘mudroom’ may still be foreign to people who live in the tropics. Including Indonesians. What exactly is this room, which is common in American houses?


What is a ‘mudroom’?

‘Mudroom’ or also known as ‘foyer’ is a room or place of transition from the entrance to the interior of the house. This room is usually a place to take off dirty (muddy) shoes and jackets. The goal is so that dirty and wet clothes won’t make the house dirty. These rooms are very common in countries with four seasons, for example, the US. Because, the surrounding environment becomes dirty in certain seasons (especially winter). So, people need space to store dirty items before they’re washed.

Example of a mudroom next to a pantry

A garage door that leads to a mudroom and a pantry (Source:


Is it reviving?

Due to the pandemic, similar to breezeblocks, this trend has become popular again. More and more people feel the need for a space to take off their jackets and shoes and clean themselves with disinfectant. So, the room became popular again.


What do you need to make it?

To create a mudroom, there are some furniture and must-have items.

  • Storage shelves and cabinets

    Its function is to store shoes, hats, bags, and other equipment. You can also store raincoats, umbrellas, and other seasonal items, even sports gear.

  • Hangers

    This is very important, especially for hanging jackets, robes, or raincoats. Instead of putting it carelessly in the house, it’s better to hang it so you don’t have to look for it when you want to use it again.

  • Stool or bench

    A bench or long chair is required. The point is, so that we can sit down while wearing shoes and getting ready.

Example of a mudroom with a bench and hangers

Hangers and benches are useful for when preparing to leave and enter the house (Source:

  • Lighting

    A good mudroom is a bright one. Because bright lights help us see our appearance before leaving and when we come back home.

  • Good flooring

    The material of the floor must also be strong and durable. For example, ceramic tiles or strong wood. Most importantly, it must be waterproof. Imagine when you come home in the rain, then the rainwater from your clothes damages the floor. How sad!

In addition to the things above, you can also add other objects. For example, a mirror so you can see yourself before leaving. Some people put their washing machine in the mudroom, so that dirty clothes can be thrown there. A practical and multifunctional room, right?