Mukura Family

It’s the beginning of a new year! At Mukura Ceramics, people are what we value most. Every end of year, we host year end party for all employees. To celebrate our collaboration with Nagoya, we chose to have Japanese theme.

The party started withラッキードロー Rakidoro game, a Japanese style lucky draw where over 70% of employees got a gift from the company. The game was a lot of fun and helped serve as ice breakers especially across departments who rarely had personal interaction. What came after a warming up was meal fiesta where we had bottomless すき焼き Sukiyaki  with various meats and assorted vegetables and 鉄板焼き Teppanyaki. To end, we also packed few gifts for the family so our employees can be the secret Santa for their kids. We value people and hence, we value their families as much as we value our employees – we call them, Mukura Family.

We are a big believer in education and we hope to motivate children of Mukura to study harder and hence, tailored the gifts to things that they could use in schools. Plato believes that we should direct children to learn by what amuses their minds, thus, we used the same concept and hope that kids of Mukura also get excited with schools. We are happy to see some of them sharing the pictures with us (posted above and below) and we’d like to share the joy with you too.


Mukura Schoolbag