Types of Breezeblocks

Let’s learn more about the kinds of breezeblocks, or as some people like to call them, ventilation block.

Types of Breezeblocks

Wooden breezeblocks

Wooden breezeblocks gives traditional impression. Therefore, it is good to create a local or oriental image. But, its colour depends on the type of wood used as the material. Look for different types of wood materials, since some are more prone to weather or termite.

Example of wooden roster

Example of wooden breezeblocks (Source: roosterbangunan.com)

Clay rooster

Clay breezeblock is popular in Indonesia since long ago. This breezeblock has the authentic clay-like reddish brown color, therefore it gives exotic impression. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. Lately, many has used clay rooster for indoor application. Its only weakness is its colors that are easily faded. Especially if applied outdoor where it’s directly affected by weather.

Example of clay rooster

Example of clay breezeblock (Source: interdesain.com)

Concrete brick breezeblock

This breezeblock has the same material used to make concrete bricks. Because of that, this breezeblock has a dark greyish colour. This breezeblock is the most popular rooster in Indonesia. People mostly install them outdoor due to its industrial and urban look. However not a few people have also used it inside their houses, mainly to create an urban atmosphere.

Example of concrete brick rooster

Example of concrete brick breezeblock (Source: batarooster.com)

GRC breezeblock

GRC stands for Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete. In other words, the material is a mixture of cement and glass fibre. Glass fibre is a material consisting of fine glass strands. GRC breezeblock is processed with machine and can be variously coloured. Therefore, we can easily adjust the color of GRC rooster according to our needs through painting.

Example of GRC rooster

Example of GRC rooster (Source: grcklasik.com)

Ceramic breezeblock

Ceramic breezeblock is the most vibrant and long lasting breezeblock. Because, this category has a wide variety of colours from light to dark. This breezeblock is made of ceramic which is the only breezeblock that can provide shiny look. Consequently this breezeblock gives off luxurious and elegant impression.

A lot of people uses ceramic breezeblock indoors. But, actually, this type is also durable for outdoor usage. Other than that, there is also granite ceramic rooster that is made of granite. This material makes the breezeblock even more robust and light. Ceramic breezeblock is also chemically resistant.

Ceramic breezeblock is the easiest to maintain due to its natural anti moss characteristic. To clean, simply brush the surface with a soft brush. Furthermore, we can also wipe a ceramic granite rooster clean with a cloth.

Example of ceramic rooster

Example of ceramic breezeblock (On frame: Roster Milan by Mukura)