Here are 5 Tips to Make a Healthy Home Office!

Since this pandemic, many of us must work from home. Thus, the need arises for a comfortable and healthy workplace. Wonder how to design a healthy home office that supports productive work? Here are 5 tips for you!


  1. Adjustable desk

Talk about the home office starting from talking about the work desk. The height of the desk must be set to a comfortable height when we work. The table should be as parallel as possible with your elbow, to avoid hurting arms. Then, the computer or laptop screen is slightly below eye level. If it is too low or high, you’ll most probably hurt your neck.

In addition, a healthy work position is actually the one that changes from time to time. For example, sitting for an hour, then standing for an hour. These different positions are to improve blood circulation and avoid muscle stiffness. So, you can choose a table with an adjustable height. Thus, you can use it for working while sitting and standing.

Adjustable table and ergonomic chair

These tables and chairs can be adjusted to various body positions so that the home office is healthier and more comfortable (Source:


  1. Ergonomic chair

Aside from the table, the chair is also important. A healthy chair for the home office has a shape that follows our body, which is slightly curved in the lower back, a.k.a. the¬†ergonomic chair. Then, just like tables, chairs must also adjust to various sitting positions. So choose the one that has adjustable armrests. Finally, don’t forget to adjust the height of the chair so that your feet can touch the floor flat.


  1. Green plants

To add freshness to the eyes and atmosphere, add some ornamental plants in your home office. As the color of nature, green has a relaxing effect. So, one or two plants in your office can help make the atmosphere fresh and healthier.


  1. Sunlight

You already know, right, that the light of laptops and cellphones is bad for our eyes? On the other hand, sunlight is very beneficial for us. Many studies show sunlight makes us more energetic and productive. So, make your home office healthier and more productive by installing and opening windows in the morning and afternoon.

Healthy small home office with a window

Windows are very useful as a source of sunlight and fresh air in a healthy home office (Source: via Pinterest)


  1. Fresh air

Finally, as important as sunlight is fresh air. Our bodies need a lot of oxygen. Moreover, the brain is always thinking while working. So, ventilation is very important and your home office must have it. To save energy, use natural ventilation such as windows and ceramic breezeblock.