Not Terracotta, but Custom Granite Breeze Blocks in the Shape of a Logo

When you enter the door, you will immediately be greeted by a warm and homey atmosphere, with a very earthy interior. That’s the first impression of the Pashouses office, which is adorned with breezeblocks in the shape of the Pashouses logo itself.


“To inspire and elevate” is the main goal of the interior design of the office by The Blanc Space. This warm and comfortable atmosphere inspires the employees to provide the best service.

With large windows that directly face the garden, the office area appears spacious and airy. The public area is on the ground floor, while the office is on the second floor in the form of a mezzanine. Wooden floors and interiors complement the terracotta color like bricks. This terracotta color comes from custom granite breeze blocks on the partitions and mezzanine railings.


Partition made of customized granite breezeblocks in the shape of Pashouses logo

The Mukura breeze block partition stands between the pantry area and the rest area. The breezeblock is custom-made, featuring the design of Pashouses’ own logo. Its finishing is in a brick red color with a matte texture, closely resembling red brick ventilation blocks. The custom breezeblock partition adds a unique character and is truly one of a kind. In addition to enhancing character and aesthetics, the breezeblock partition also provides extra privacy, especially for the rest area.

Partition and mezzanine railing made of customized granite breezeblocks in the shape of Pashouses logo

When you go up to the second floor, you can see the mezzanine railing that harmonizes with the partition on the first floor. This is because both the railing and the partition use custom granite breezeblocks. The client chose Mukura granite breeze blocks because unlike concrete or brick ones, granite breezeblocks are sturdier and stronger. That’s why they were chosen as the material for the railing because the primary purpose of the railing is to provide extra security. Granite breezeblock railings are strong and safe even for leaning on.


Custom Logo Breezeblock

Custom breezeblocks, both in design and finishing, can be done at Mukura. The ones in the Pashouses office this time are custom-designed in the shape of the company’s logo. Custom logo breeze blocks can provide strong branding for your business. Additionally, the color and texture can also be customized. For example, it can have a appearance resembling red bricks, with the distinctive red-orange color and rough texture.

In creating custom breeze blocks, Mukura always conducts tests and trials to ensure that the strength and durability meet standards. So, there’s no need to worry; all custom breezeblocks at Mukura are guaranteed to be strong and sturdy.