Brand and Company Logo Breezeblock, Customize with Mukura!

Play with materials, colors, and textures to create the best interior branding. One way is by using a custom company logo breeze blocks with Mukura.


A company can introduce its brand to visitors through interior design. That’s why custom interiors play a significant role in business branding. One aspect that can be customized is the interior material.

Why is custom material important in interior branding? First, a brand can convey the company’s values through interior design. For example, a brand that cares about sustainability can use sustainable materials, including recycling. Second, it leaves a strong impression on the visitor’s experience. Third, custom materials can also become a unique design signature that is one-of-a-kind. Brands can play with custom materials, including their colors and textures.

The interior of Pashouses office with customized breeze blocks in the shape of Pashouses logo


Custom Granite Breeze Block

Want to create custom breezeblocks for branding? You can do it with Mukura! What can be customized from Mukura’s granite breezeblocks?

  1. Shape, which is the breezeblock’s construction itself. Do you want square holes, lines, ellipses? Do you want specific indentations? Everything can be customized.
  2. Color, it can be in a specific Pantone color or can resemble another material. For example, this custom breezeblock by Pashouses resembles the color of red brick.
  3. Texture, it can be glossy or matte according to your preference. How glossy or matte it is can be tailored to your design needs and preferences.

Example of customized breezeblocks with the design by Mukura and red brick finishing


Custom Logo Breeze Blocks, How?

  1. If you already have the logo breezeblock design, it can be processed directly by the Mukura team. If not, you can discuss with the Mukura team to create a custom design.
  2. Once the prototype is ready, it will undergo strength testing. All breezeblocks produced by Mukura must meet strength and durability standards, including compressive strength. So, there’s no need to worry about custom breeze blocks at Mukura because they have already passed strength and durability tests.
  3. After passing the tests, it is ready for production. Production typically takes approximately one month after the final design is confirmed. This is done to ensure that each piece has the best quality, without defects or damage.


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