Interior Design Trend 2021 and Beyond

Sharing with Mukura Event - Interior Design Trend 2021 and Beyond

Source: Mukura Ceramics

Pandemics keep us at home longer. Working and studying now happened more often at home. Limited space bored us a lot. On Thursday, 29 April 2021 Mukura invited Hamphrey Tedja, Principal of Domisilium Studio, a leading interior design house in Indonesia with amazing portfolio such as Artotel hotels and Gojek offices, to share interior design trends especially after Covid19 hit Indonesia.

During this Instagram Live event, Hamphrey shared his experience on how the design interior trend today compared to pre-pandemic. Here are some key highlights:


    Design interior trend today no longer pays attention to merely aesthetics, but also the functions. Hamphrey admitted that many today put health above all aspects. When designing office space, many clients ask them to make sure that their offices have a lot of sunshine exposure and excellent air circulation. Usage of windows, breezeblocks, and open sapce becomes even more important today. Cross ventilation becomes more prevalent because it can both save your lives and your bills through electricity reduction.


    Another interior design trend today is the request of “corner” space so everyone can have their own multi-purpose space. Having their own “corners” help everyone do their activities at home without being disturbed by other members. Mud room to clean oneself prior to entering the house is one of the things that Hamphrey saw in Chicago. Such setup is something that clients also request today.


    Because of the health demand of current interior design trend, new high-tech materials are appearing. These include pollutant absorbent paint and HEPA filters on AC. What is even cooler is anti-virus and anti-bacterial breezeblocks like Mukura. Today, Mukura breezeblocks are equipped with active hygiene layer that can hinder the growth of virus and bacteria on the breezeblock itself. Usage of such materials is expected to reduce the spread of the disease.

Don’t you think this is so interesting? Listen this talk yourself directly from Hamphrey at Instagram @mukuraceramics or at our Youtube channel: