Roster Dardia in Brown

The Idea

Dardia model is Mukura very first rainscreen rooster. Mukura Team always listens to our consumers. Through Mukura Consumer Connect Program, we identified needs of rainscreen in rooster usage. Many love the idea of applying roosters to decorate their living space and be eco-friendly, but would like a solution to minimize rain splashes. This is where Dardia model originated from. 

Product Description
Color : Brown
Size : 20 x 20 cm
Shape : Square
Material : Ceramic
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How To Care

Mukura rooster is robust and protected with a layer of glaze customized just for our consumers. A gentle wipe with wet cloth will remove all the dirts. 

Interior Combination

Dardia is our first rainscreen rooster collection. Favored by many, it is not impossible that Dardia will join Mukura Classics Collection. 

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