Advantages of Ceramic Breezeblocks

The installation of ceramic breezeblocks (or roosters) has many benefits. Apart from being a decoration, the roster also functions as a ventilation or air hole. Compared to the other types breezeblocks, granite ceramic breezeblocks offers the same function with more benefits and convenience. These are the various advantages of granite ceramic breezeblocks that other types don’t have.


  1. Various patterns and colors

Ceramic breezeblocks can be made in various designs. Ranging from the most complicated or traditional impression, to minimalist and simple. That way, of course, you will be able to find the one that suits your vision. For example, the classic Roster Oriental and the minimalistic Roster Pong.

The colorful Roster Kenanga

Roster Kenanga that has various bright colors

In addition, the color of the ceramic breezeblock itself is diverse and bright. Not like the gray brick roster, nor the red-brown clay roster. Ceramic roster has a bright color, it can even be several colors in one design. For example, the Roster Kenanga has green for the leaves and other colors for the flowers.

  1. Elegant and luxurious design

Granite ceramic breezeblocks has a coating that makes it look shiny. This coating makes the breezeblocks look more elegant and luxurious than the other ones. Therefore, ceramic breezeblocks are also suitable for indoor use.

Ceramic breezeblock with the glossy coating

The glossy coating which protects and keeps the appearance of the breezeblock as new

  1. Easy installation

Granite ceramic breezeblocks are very easy to install. First, because it is not too heavy like concrete or brick rosters. Second, the blocks are small, generally 20×20 cm or 30×30 cm. So, installing ceramic breezeblocks is like arranging the common wall bricks.

  1. Easy to clean

The glossy coating of the breezeblocks does not only makes it look elegant. Moreover, this coating protects the breezeblocks from stubborn dust. So, cleaning the breezeblock is enough with a broom or a piece of cloth.

  1. Moderate weight

Granite ceramic breezeblocks are lighter than concrete and brick breezeblocks. Because the material from the ceramic breezeblock itself is not too heavy. However, ceramic breezeblock is still heavier than GRC roosters.

  1. Easy maintenance

Granite ceramic breeezeblock doesn’t require as much maintenance as the other types. For example, other types of breezeblocks such as concrete, clay, and brick sometimes require repainting. In addition, some other types are prone to moss and corrosion due to rainwater. The coating of the ceramic breezeblock itself protects the color and the block from extreme effects of the weather. Thus, the breezeblock is also stronger and more durable.


Those are the advantages of granite ceramic roster. With a generally higher cost, ceramic breezeblocks provide benefits and conveniences that other breezeblocks don’t have.